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Each guest will receive a commencement program at graduation. Each graduating senior will be listed in the program. Graduation honors are noted with "*" next to the student's name. Honors designations in the commencement program are based on the grade point average earned through the first semester of senior year. This is done because the commencement program needs to be prepared and printed prior to the submission of second semester grades. In rare circumstances, grades earned in the second semester of senior year can change the honors designation. Students should remember that the official grade point average will be reflected on the final transcript, which is available in late June.

Scholarships that students receive are also published in the commencement program. It is important that parents and students adhere to deadlines for submission. The college counseling office collects this information through a formal submission process. The deadline is typically in early May. We regret that publication deadlines do not allow for the inclusion of scholarships earned after the submission deadline.




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