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Plymouth Elementary Staff Directory


Adams, Brian    Technology

Aiello, Rose    Secretary  6000
Backer, Jenna  Third Grade
Colantonio, Lauren    Third Grade
Connelly, Sandy  Reading
Conway, Maria  ESL
Csaklos, Alexis  First Grade
Curry, Angela    Psychologist
Dale, Kathy    Nurse
Deidel, Jennifer    Second Grade
DiRenzo, Jessica    Third Grade
Dryburgh, Susan    Speech
Furness, Lisa    Kindergarten
Gentile, Karen    First Grade
Gilbert, Michelle  Math
Gojeski, Laura     Art 
Handis, Rachel    Kindergarten
Hellgoth, Linda    Kindergarten
Hendrickson, Mackenzie  Third Grade
House, Karen    Nurse
Johnson, Katie   Learning Support
Jolley, Lori Secretary
Jones, Liz Third Grade
Kelley, Patricia    First Grade
Kim, Esther    Kindergarten
Kundtz, Stephanie    Second Grade
Kurtz, Emily    Second Grade
Lipson, Judith    Principal
Moore, Manuela  Cafeteria
Morris, Michelle  Library
O'Shea, Tracy    Music
Oleksa, Laura  First Grade
Quaco, Deb  Learning Support
Quarino, Cecilia    Reading
Rabenda, Christi    Physical Education
Rocchi, Rochelle    Art
Ronan, Barbara  Classroom Instructional Aide
Sagel, Gael    First Grade
Smith, Jeanine    Secretary
Somers, Lisa    Reading
Testa, Frank  Custodial Supervisor
Tracy, Tracy    Guidance Counselor
Ubaldini, Robin  Third Grade
Weidamoyer, Michelle    Kindergarten
Western, Ann    Second Grade
Williams, Suzanne    First Grade
Wilson, Laurie    Second Grade


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