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Plymouth Whitemarsh HS
Colonial Middle School
Colonial Elementary
Conshohocken Elementary
Plymouth Elementary
Ridge Park Elementary
Whitemarsh Elementary


                   Fast Facts:
            Opened its doors in 1963.

                   Mascots are the
             Plymouth Pride Partners.

Plymouth Elementary School Profile

The goal of each of the four K-3 schools in the Colonial School District is to provide students with a solid foundation for lifelong learning and to foster positive interpersonal relationships within a safe and nurturing environment. The educational program is directly aligned to state and national standards; however, each school takes the approach of differentiating instruc­tion to address the individual needs of all students.

Student Enrollment Information
Colonial School District
Total = 4,637
Total Elementary Population = 2,051
Plymouth Elementary Population = 460

Ethnic Breakdown

White (non-Hispanic) 81.5%
Hispanic 2.1%
Black (non-Hispanic) 8.5%
Asian/Pacific Islander 4.8%
Multi-Racial 3.0%
Amer. Indian/Alaska Native .1%

Plymouth Elementary
White (non-Hispanic) 75.6%
Hispanic 3.9%
Black (non-Hispanic) 8.5%
Asian/Pacific Islander 6.1%
Multi-Racial 5.2%
Indian/Alaska Native 0.7%


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