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Colonial Middle School Profile
The educational program at Colonial Middle School is founded upon the fusion of the “whole child” concept of the elementary school with emphasis on achievement in subject matter areas inherent in the secondary schools. Operationally, this fusion is best expressed through the teaming of teachers and students, an interdisciplinary curriculum, and appropriate support systems for teaching and learning.

The middle school provides a smooth transition from elementary to high school in an educational setting in which students may discover their potential for academic and vocational pursuits. There is a focus on improving scholastic performance and recognizing excellence in all areas of achievement. With the belief that “all students can achieve success” in our school, regardless of their instructional level or style of learning, instruction is tailored to accommodate the varied needs of our students.

A primary characteristic of the middle school is the concept of team teaching—a smaller “school within a school” concept that provides an atmosphere of family. Students belong to a core team consisting of three or four teachers and 75 to 115 students around which the instructional day is planned. Each team of teachers is given the primary responsibility to both educate and mentor those students for whom they are responsible. Through the team process, instruction is also integrated to give added meaning and context to the knowledge and skills that are learned in the individual classes of English, math, history and science. The team organizational plan allows for closer communication with individual students and their parents during common team meetings.

The specialized subjects, which are offered to all students, provide additional opportunities for students to achieve success. Students benefit from instruction in physical education, health, visual arts, music, technology education and family and consumer science. Other subjects taught at varied levels are reading, foreign language, study skills and computer keyboarding. The school’s computer laboratories are utilized heavily to support learning across all subjects and grades.

In addition to the formalized structure of the school, there are numerous instructional and other support services that are provided by the professional staff. The daily activity period allows students to explore many interests and meet many needs. Students can receive tutoring services or participate in enrichment activities. Student Council, the yearbook and newspaper staff, the National Junior Honor Society, as well as the school’s several musical organizations meet during the activity period. Counseling, guidance, and tutorial services are available during the school day and after school. Seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to participate in a varied interscholastic sports program with other middle schools.The Colonial Middle School is a member of the PIAA District I, Montgomery County Scheduling Group.

Student Enrollment Information
Colonial School District
Total = 4,722
Total Secondary Population = 2,671
Colonial Middle School Population = 1,083

Ethnic Breakdown

White (non-Hispanic) 81.5%
Hispanic 2.1%
Black (non-Hispanic) 8.5%
Asian/Pacific Islander 4.8%
Multi-Racial 3.0%
Amer. Indian/Alaska Native .1%

Colonial Middle School
White (non-Hispanic) 82.2%
Hispanic 1.9%
Black (non-Hispanic) 9.7%
Asian/Pacific Islander 4.2%
Multi-Racial 2.0%



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