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Science Fair

Dear Friends and Families,

The 8th Annual CES Science Fair is fast approaching. Over the course of 3 months, students voluntarily work on an individual project that suits their interests and represents a project following the six steps of the Scientific Method.  

Scientific Method:
Step 1: State the Purpose or Question
Step 2: Research
Step 3: Form a Hypothesis
Step 4: Design an Experiment/
Test Your Hypothesis
Step 5: Analyze the Data
Step 6: Draw Conclusions

The students' hard work is then displayed at the Science Fair which takes place right here at, Colonial Elementary School.  We are extremely proud of the students dedication past and present and invite you to encourage your child to participate in this activity and foster an even greater love of science! 

Click here to download the Official, CES "Science Fair Handbook"

More specific information to come!


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