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Plymouth Whitemarsh HS
Colonial Middle School
Colonial Elementary
Conshohocken Elementary
Plymouth Elementary
Ridge Park Elementary
Whitemarsh Elementary

Fast Facts:
Opened its doors originally in 1958 as the Junior High School.

Converted to the 4-5 Elementary building in 1987.

Mascot is the Scout Trailblazer.

Colonial Elementary School Profile
The administration, faculty and staff at Colonial Elementary School (CES) work collaboratively to ensure a secure learning environment for all students, a place where the unique abilities and talents of each student are recognized, and each student is inspired to reach their individual potential. We strive to meet the individual needs of our students by assessing their instructional levels, and using this data to plan and provide meaningful instructional experiences. Our instructional program and classroom practice is based on “best practices” and a standards based curriculum is challenging and relevant to the students and the community we serve. We are reflective practitioners and aspire to instill this quality in our students. We strongly encourage and support the families of our students to become actively involved in the educational process and school community. Everyone plays a valuable role in educating a child –working together helps to provide a solid foundation for all students at CES.

Student Enrollment Information
Colonial School District
Total = 4,722
Total Elementary Population = 2,051
Colonial Elementary Population = 664

Ethnic Breakdown

White (non-Hispanic) 81.5%
Hispanic 2.1%
Black (non-Hispanic) 8.5%
Asian/Pacific Islander 4.8%
Multi-Racial 3.0%
Amer. Indian/Alaska Native .1%

Colonial Elementary

White (non-Hispanic) 82.2%
Hispanic 1.5%
Black (non-Hispanic) 7.9%
Asian/Pacific Islander 5.4%
Multi-Racial 3.0%



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